Future Glory Co Apprenticeship

We started this business with a mission to create quality products with great purpose. So far, with your support, we've been donating a portion of proceeds to Freedom House, the only anti-human trafficking shelter for adult women in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, we feel that simply donating money is not enough and would like to get more personally involved with the cause.

It's always been our goal to open a studio to train women to get back on their feet. For our next product launch, we would like to take another step forward by starting a small apprentice training program in basic manufacturing and business skills. The goal is to blossom this relationship into a longer term position to help facilitate rehabilitation, job placement and overall life success. Our hearts go out to human trafficking and domestic violence survivors but the apprenticeship application is open to all women in need.

/ No prior skills necessary but a natural disposition to crafts and being skilled with hands is a plus
/ Paid training will be held on Saturdays at our studio in the Dogpatch

If interested in the apprenticeship, please don't hesitate to reach us at hello@futureglory.co to start a conversation.

If interested in occasionally teaching job and life skills classes, please let us know! We'd like to offer free classes in resume creation, budgeting, English and more.